Can’t Keep Chlorine in Pool

There are a number of factors that can lead to a rapid deterioration of chlorine.

Lack of stabilizer

  • Stabilizer is used in pools to protect them from chlorine evaporation caused by the sun’s rays. A low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level means that free chlorine is not protected. (Note: an excessively high level of stabilizer will decrease chlorine’s disinfecting power.) The ideal level for stabilizer is between 30 and 50 ppm. (Note – changed this number to be 50 to keep it consistent with the stated number below in 7:5)


  • Test stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels
  • Use Stab/Cond to raise to a minimum of 30 ppm

Phosphates are present

  • Phosphates are a by-product of phosphorus and are the 11th most abundant mineral on earth and can easily be found in most tap water.
  • In addition, phosphates are nutrients for and a by-product of algae when it dies.


  • Use Phosphate Rem