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/Water Care, Problems & Solutions

December 2016

Tools and Chemicals

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Tools and Chemicals Taking care of the cleanliness of your pool just makes sense to keep it running smoothly and maintain safe and enjoyable swimming conditions all season long. Of course, having the right tools for the job is essential. Here are a few that you’ll need if you don’t have them already. Cleaners/Sweepers Debris [...]

November 2016

Closing Your Pool

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Closing Your Pool We know, but there's always next year! To protect your pool over the winter and have it easier to open next year – follow these steps 3-4 days before closing the pool: Take water sample to your Professional Sani Marc Retailer. Balance water as per your retailer’s recommendations. One day before closing [...]

October 2016

Opening Your Pool

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Hooray! It’s that time of year again! Follow these easy steps to get the pool season started smoothly Remove water and debris from the winter cover. Clean the winter cover using Speed, let it dry, and then store it. Put the pool's accessories back into place: Replace the sight glass (if applicable), This [...]

September 2016

Floating Particles

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Floating Particles Floating particles can be caused by a number of factors, which could include dirt and dead skin. Solution For common cases where neither metals nor algae are suspected: Use Action Cube and clean your filter using Clean.

August 2016

High TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

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 High TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) The level of total dissolved solids (TDS) measures the combined contents of a liquid (your pool’s water) and of another substance of any nature. In other words, it represents the quantity of solids dissolved and present in the water. A high TDS level indicates water that is difficult to [...]

July 2016

High Stabilizer/Cyanuric Acid

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High Stabilizer/Cyanuric Acid Crystal clear water is not always safe, and cloudy water illustrates evidence of strongly alkaline water. An excessively high stabilizer level will have the following effects: Slows down chlorine's reaction time. Cyanuric acid forms a weak bond with the free chlorine present in the pool's water, protecting it from the sun's UV [...]

June 2016


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Phosphates Phosphates are a by-product of phosphorus which are the 11th most abundant mineral on earth and can easily be found in most tap water. In addition, phosphates are nutrients for and a by-product of algae when it dies. Solution Use Phosphate Rem

Can’t Keep Chlorine in Pool

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Can't Keep Chlorine in Pool There are a number of factors that can lead to a rapid deterioration of chlorine. Lack of stabilizer Stabilizer is used in pools to protect them from chlorine evaporation caused by the sun's rays. A low stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level means that free chlorine is not protected. (Note: [...]

May 2016

Strong Chlorine Odour

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Strong Chlorine Odour (chloramines/combined chlorine present) When water smells like chlorine, oxidation is required since the odour is a sign that nitrogen is present (ammonia odour), which gives off a chlorine-like smell. These ‘Chloramines’ are most often the result of organic wastes (unfiltered materials) generated by bathers and include: perspiration, urine, sunscreen, deodorant, [...]