It is now easy to keep your hot tub opened all year round thanks to Sanimarc Pro Spa Kit! It may also be possible that you have to close your hot tub for a few months. Follow these few steps and it is done!

Before we begin, make sure to have in your possession all the cleaning products for the hot tub that will be recommended by your certified Sanimarc Pro retailer. He will be able to advise you properly about purchasing your products.

  1. Clean the cartridges and store them.
  2. Pour a pipe cleaner in the spa water and turn on all the jets pumps at full capacity for one hour.
  3. Drain the hot tub.
  4. Remove any standing water in every jet using a vacuum cleaner for dry/wet waste such as a Shop Vac type.
  5. Unscrew the jets and store them.
  6. Clean the acrylic surface.
  7. Clean the cover.
  8. Use the hose of your vacuum cleaner – or a funnel – to pour the contents of 2 antifreeze bottles for spa in every jet.
  9. It is recommended to put a block of Styrofoam on the bottom of your hot tub – or a piece of plywood on top – to prevent the cover from collapsing under the weight of the snow.
  10. Place a protective web on the cover to protect it.

There you go! Your hot tub is closed!
Refer also to the hot tub opening process.