Closing Your Pool

We know, but there’s always next year!

To protect your pool over the winter and have it easier to open next year – follow these steps

  1. 3-4 days before closing the pool:
    • Take water sample to your Professional Sani Marc Retailer.
    • Balance water as per your retailer’s recommendations.
  2. One day before closing the pool:
    • Vacuum and perform a backwash.
    • Check pH level and adjust if necessary to 7.8.
  3. Clean the filter and accessories:
    • Clean the filter using Clean.
    • If present, clean the ring around the pool using Plus 9.
    • Clean the solar blanked using Speed, then let it dry before storing it.
  4. Drain the pool:
    • For pools with main drain function only, turn the three-way valve lever to close the skimmer, allowing the main drain to remain open. Stop the pump. Turn the filter lever to the “drain” position if the filter has been cleaned. If this is not the case, turn it to the “backwash” position and let the pump run for 5 minutes. Shut off pump again and then turn to the “drain” position.
    • Pools without a bottom drain will have to be drained using the vacuum or a submersible pump.
    • Lower the water level to below the skimmer and return jets.
    • Stop the pump.
  5. Store the pump:
    • Unplug the pump. Shut off the pump’s breaker.
    • Disconnect all of the hoses.
    • Drain the water and, if necessary, clean the pump basket.
    • Store the pump in a heated location. Or fill pump with Lubrigel anti-freeze.
  6. Store the filter:
    • Unscrew the pressure gauge.
    • Remove the sight glass, if applicable.
    • Remove the cap at the bottom of the tank. Place in a tilted position for a few days to let the tank drain completely.
    • Store these parts together (the best place would be the pump basket).
    • Turn the filter lever to “winterize”, or between 2 positions if the filter has no “winterize” position.
  7. Bottom drain:
    • Disconnect the bottom drain hose under the three-way valve.
    • Fasten the drain to the pool’s edge, letting it stick out above the pool.
    • Very slowly pour the antifreeze into the hose.
    • Insert the styrofoam roll and affix it solidly with a rubber band or fold it over.
  8. Winterize the skimmer:
    • Remove the skimmer door by gently bending it; also remove the skimmer basket.
    • Clean the skimmer using the Plus 9.
    • Insert the styrofoam block in the skimmer.
    • Insert foam rope in the main drain hole and plug the main drain hole using an expandable or threaded plug.
    • Insert a Gizmo into the skimmer hole.
  9. Winterize the water return:
    • Unscrew the ring that surrounds the water return to remove the eye using a plastic water jet tool.
    • Screw in the winterizing cap to prevent water loss.
  10. Use a Closing Kit:
    • Depending on the closing kit being used, follow all instructions carefully.
  11. Install the winter cover and/or safety cover.
  12. Shut off the water heater:
    • Remove the 2 valves located behind the water heater and drain the water by tilting it backwards.
    • Tilt the water heater forwards, add 1 bottle of Lubrigel pool antifreeze, and replace the valves.
    • Disconnect pressure switch.