Why go Green?: Lower costs and less impact on your family, your spa and the environment

Green is the colour, environmentally-friendly products are the game – and everyone is playing it. Everywhere you look there are ‘green’ alternatives to most everything you can think of purchasing or using. But an increased sensibility towards our planet isn’t the only thing driving this trend – turns out, going green can save time and money too!

Spas and Hot Tubs are wonderful, but they can be time consuming to maintain and costly to operate without some attention to measures that can reduce both. And when it comes to safety for you and your family, choosing certified products, such as those that carry the EcoLogo™ designation, can help you to ensure the products you use are the best for your family, your spa and the environment.


11 ways you can lower costs and lessen your impact on your family, your pool and the environment

  1. Purchase a Quality Insulated SpaResearch the product you are planning to purchase to ensure the manufacture has used a quality insulation with an R value of at least 40 on the walls and floor. If you already own a hot tub, consider checking the existing insulation and having it upgraded or have more insulation added if necessary.
  2. Cover Your SpaPrevent water, chemical and heat loss from evaporation when your spa is not in use. Your spa cover should have an ideal R value of 14+. Solar covers can also be installed to float on the surface of the hot tub, increasing the insulation value and preserving the life of the spa cover.
  3. Drain LessUse Spa Naturally and you can stop draining your hot tub every few months and conserve water and energy.
  4. Run Pump on Low SpeedThis can be done by adjusting your spa control to run the pump at low speed, ideally 24 hours a day. On low speed, spa pumps are designed to use very little hydro and will ensure greater water circulation and quality of water.
  5. Use hydro-less sanitation solutionsSalt generator, bromine generator and ozonators  may be popular but they all require hydro and are harsh on the environment. Salt waste water is backwashed or drained into the environment which is harmful to vegetation and lakes and streams. Look for alternative sanitizers that provide results with less environmental impact such as Spa Naturally.
  6. Use EcologoTM Pool Water Care ProductsEcologoTM Certified products are non-toxic, non-irritating, bio-degradable, phosphate free and safe for you and your family and also the environment.
  7. Use EnzymesSpa Zyme is an excellent answer to removing the organic build-up in your spa. Spa Zyme’s enzymes will reduce the chlorine demand and can enhance water quality.
  8. Low Voltage or Solar LightingUsing low voltage or solar accent lighting around your spa is an excellent way to set a relaxing mood and conserve hydro and lessen environmental impact at the same time.
  9. Purchase with recycling in mindChoose Hot tub Cabinets, fencing, decking, patio furniture and accessories made with recyclable materials. Before you discard, consider re-painting patio furniture, benches or adopt a rustic décor style.
  10. Use sustainable or reclaimed woodPurchase items that have a seal from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI®  (Sustainable Forest Initiative). Wood harvested under these forestry certification programs is done so with conservation and new growth initiatives.
  11. Re-use rainwaterWater plants, vegetation and lawns surrounding the pool with water collected from rainfalls.